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With lockdown coming to an end, NOW is the perfect time to re-connect with colleagues, friends and family. You now have the chance to book your best mates Stag/Hen do or get your own back on your boss for making you work the weekend.


Re-connect with your team and give your staff a truly unique team building event.  Get out the office rivalries and inter-department feuds with a battle.  Unleash your inner Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen.

You can include any or all of our three activities, Hoverball® Archery, StickIt™ Archery or Archery Tag® giving you the chance to discover skills you never knew you had or build upon those previously gained.


Stag/Hen Parties

Shoot your friends, dodge arrows, laugh in the face of your opponent as you catch their arrow and shoot it right back at them.   You will enjoy getting into this fast paced game.  

Our Stag and Hen parties last 90 minutes and include a full safety briefing, tutorial to learn how to shoot safely and correctly before moving on to a short battle with no game rules. This game gives you the chance to get used to shooting, dodging, ducking, catching arrows and being tagged.

Games include Duel, Elimination, Gauntlet and League to name a few.

A suitable sized venue or outdoor area will need to be provided or we can arrange this for you.

Children's Parties

Our Archery Tag® Children’s Parties last for 90 minutes and are suitable for children aged 8 years and up.  Sessions start with a safety talk and demonstration and then each child will get the chance to practice shooting a bow safely and correctly.  Each game is played for 4 or 5 minutes before another game is played or new rules are introduced.   Games include Capture the Flag, Gauntlet and William Tell to name just a few.

All we need to come to you is a venue with a tennis court sized area, this could be local sports hall, village hall, football field etc.  With enough notice we can arrange the venue for you.



Archery is a great sport for schools.  It teaches patience, discipline and focus, as well as helping to improve physical health and fitness.  With our Hoverball® Archery and StickIt™ Archery, students will gain all of the above whilst having fun and being challenged.

We can also offer Archery Tag® to students from 10yrs+ as an extra curricular activity or for Sports Days and Enrichment Days.

All of our activities can be done indoors or weather permitting outdoors on the school field.

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